Mergers & Acquisitions

Active Approach.

Active Approach

The M & A LOGISTICS GmbH i.L. pursues an active approach when connecting buyers and sellers of companies in transport, forwarding and logistics sectors.
In past decades for example, many forwarding departments have developed towards logistics service providers. Forwarding agents are able to achieve higher returns and to establish long term relationships with customers. Therefore, combinations of forwarding and logistics companies are nowadays normal case rather than an exception. This leads to a high complexity in selling processes. Thanks to its long term knowledge of the sector, the M & A LOGISTICS GmbH i.L. knows how to deal with these difficulties.

Accurate Searching

The M & A LOGISTICS GmbH i.L. offers you to look for a suitable counterpart, based on your flows of customers, consignments and traffic – separated from our competition. Therefor we upload your consignment data of one period (one year would be the ideal period but at least one quarter is required) in the system Xcargo which we are using.


We basically establish a footprint of your company. Hence, we can identify much more accurately which kind of company comes into consideration as potential buyer. For this purpose, our knowledge of the markets is extremely valuable. Based on the consignment structures, we observe for example that there is a lot of liner traffic to France. At the same time, we know that another company wants to establish itself on the relation to France. For such a company it might be of utmost interest to acquire another company that is suitable to such an extent.
Benefit from the Active Approach of the M & A LOGISTICS GmbH i.L. for your own business strategy.