Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Managing Mergers Means Managing Fears.

Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration (PMI) concerns the merger, integration or reorientation of an acquired company. It is the key phase after the completion of a corporate transaction.
Most surveys prove that in case of an acquisition, the significant value is crated or lost within the first six months. Either the merged company will be on a track to normality or it will rush into a chaos that can hardly be resolved. The main reason for the failure of an acquisition is therefore an unaccomplished PMI.
Typically, five important key tasks that occur frequently can be identified:

  1. Initiation of the integration project,
  2. Integration of the management organization,
  3. Lineup of the managing team,
  4. Bringing the staff’s performance into line, as well as
  5. Integration of operative company activities.

A successful integration of different company structures as such is one of the most challenging management tasks. Our specialists will gladly support you.