Mergers & Acquisitions

Company Sale

Company Sale

You want to put your life’s work into good hands? You do not have a descendant who is willing to take your company and you are looking for a responsible successor? You want to part with a company or from a company’s division for strategic reasons?
If your request to sell is certain, we will support you in finding a suitable buyer. You entrust the M & A LOGISTICS GmbH i.L. with a qualified sales mandate. Our general procedure is as follows:

Phase 1: Strategy design and determination of the transaction mode

  1. Company analysis
  2. Market-oriented valuation of the company
  3. Structuring and agreement on the sales strategy
  4. Developing the memorandum of sales

Phase 2: Finding potential contractual partners

  1. Finding and identifying potential buyers (Long List)
  2. Screening of the list in agreement with the seller (Short List)
  3. Anonymous contacting of the selected sellers and evaluation of their interest in buying
  4. After signing a confidentiality agreement: handover of the memorandum of information

Phase 3: Contacting and due diligence review

  1. The potential buyer visits the sales object
  2. Start of negotiations with the potential buyers
  3. Examination of due diligence of the potential buyer and disclosure of the company’s data
  4. Negotiation of sales price and, if necessary, final bidding
  5. Structuring of the acquisition
  6. Letter of intent

Phase 4: Negotiation and conclusion of the contract

  1. Draft contract designed by external law and tax consultants
  2. Final negotiations
  3. Notarial conclusion of the contract
  4. Handover / Closing (transition date)